July 24th, 2012

stock// black crow

Icon post!

78 icons this time. I've decided to post smaller batches of icons (50-100) from now on - it doesn't take that long and I can update more frequently, so I don't disappear for such a long time.
Anyways, I've cut this batch "in half" (saved the other 50 icons for later).
Some of these were made months ago, some are rather recent. The Tywin icons are from my banners (made for tumblr), I'll probably post the banners in the next batch.

[09] - Movies (Becoming Jane, X-men (including animations), POTC, LOTR)
[12] - Harry Potter (including animations)
[08] - BBC's Sherlock (including animations)
[01] - The Big Bang Theory
[11] - Game of thrones
[37] - Stock

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