July 21st, 2012

stock// black crow

just dropping by to say I'm back

College has been rather busy. And I've been spending a lot of time on tumblr (if anyone is interested).
Since any excuse is good, right?

But I've also spent some time in photoshop (what a shocker!), so I'm just dropping by to say that I'll probably post a new batch of icons in a day or two. :)
Sorry for my disappearance, I just wasn't feeling like making anything in PS (I don't like making icons with my laptop), and I was only home on weekends/holidays (I spent time eitner preparing for different projects or spending time with my family).

Here's a quick preview:


Also, I haven't been in touch with your replies.
So if I've missed (which I surely have) anything please let me know in a comment to this entry.